Westerners today are characterized by a rather confused relationship with bodies, our own and those of others.

On the one hand we want them to be thin, on the other we penalize being overweight and on the other we defend it.

Fashion brands and modeling agencies reproduce the same dynamic.

They defend diversity, the right to large size (just as they defend advanced age or having a skin disease or belonging to a non-Caucasian ethnic group) but when push comes to shove... truth!

The latest episode of this soap opera stars the Norwegian model

Karoline Bjornelykke,

who has used the Tik Tok social network to denounce that there are model agencies that are hiring models of sizes between 40 and 46 to carry out campaigns aimed at women of sizes older, between 48 and 56, which is known as plus size.

She is one of those models who is fitted with clothes much larger than her size.

To adapt to your body, a classic resource is used: foam rubber.

Foam rubber with different shapes and volumes.

The reason for this artificial enlargement with premeditation and treachery, says Bjornelykke, is that the face and neck are not thick: "Brands want sharp faces and necks."

Again, denounces the model, we are facing the invention, by the industry, of impossible beauty standards.

The truth is that seeing photos like the one we publish under these lines from the Norwegian's Instagram account, it's hard to think that they have it to advertise plus size sizes.

A lot of foam rubber is going to be that, it seems to us.

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And is it that -we can ask ourselves- there is a shortage of plus size models around the world?

Well no, not at all.

There is

Ellana Bryan,

with her 95 kilos, a model but also a guru, a true defender of beauty whatever your weight (she weighs 95 kilos);


Tess Holliday,

who went through anorexia to later become a true inspiration for women who do not fit the prevailing cliché.

From his Instagram he boasts of his 120 kilos with the outfits that, basically, he wants.

Or directly, without attire.

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In any case, we make a fuss about almost anything.

In this case, for usurping larger sizes.

Other times, to slim down or 'improve' people with Photoshop, as has happened today with

Kim Kardashian.

And while we do it, for our own photos we use filters on social networks that leave our faces as smooth as

Borja's Ecce Homo


Doña Cecilia

gave him the famous review of her... Will we one day find the long-awaited coherence?

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