The tragedy of a mother in front of her helpless family.. she jumped into the water to celebrate and did not come out

A Russian mother decided to celebrate the Orthodox Epiphany in an unusual way, but this led to her death in a tragic accident, in front of her family unable to save her, as she completely disappeared in the water, and it is believed that a strong current pulled her.

And the British newspaper, Daily Mail, reported that Anna Uskova, a 40-year-old mother of two, jumped into a water hole in the Ordez River, south of St. Petersburg, to celebrate this occasion, and the woman managed to jump into the river, but she was unable to get out. .

According to "Sky News".

The woman's two sons and her husband were near her when the accident occurred. It turned out that a large current under the ice pushed her away, and her husband jumped after her, but he was unable to save her.

People here believe that blessed water has special healing properties, and that people go to the icy waters alone, while others participate in groups, remembering the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River.

A hole was dug in the frozen river "Ordiz", into which Anna jumped, and the weather was very cold at night, as it reached 5 below zero.

She was wearing a black bathing suit and grabbed her nose and jumped into the very cold water.

Searches conducted by divers in the place failed to find the woman's body, while her two children burst into tears, and a woman at the place tried in vain to console them.

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