Regarding the development of "fast reactor", one of the next-generation nuclear reactors, Japan Atomic Energy Agency and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have signed a memorandum of understanding with an American nuclear energy company and will start discussions on whether technical cooperation is possible. rice field.

Fast reactors are also called "next-generation nuclear reactors" because they can reduce the amount of radioactive waste generated from the spent nuclear fuel of nuclear power plants in the process of power generation. We are aiming to start operation in the year.

The memorandum of understanding was exchanged between TerraPower and Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and its subsidiaries, which are conducting research and development in Japan, on the 26th.

The fast reactor under development uses sodium instead of water as the coolant to control the heat of the reactor.

There are two units of the same type in Japan, both of which are operated by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency. Of these, the fast breeder reactor "Monju" in Fukui Prefecture has been in operation for 250 days in 22 years since the start of test operation, and has been put into practical use. The decommissioning was decided 6 years ago without a path.

According to the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, we will discuss concretely with TerraPower whether Monju's technology can be utilized in the future.

On the other hand, regarding the domestic use of next-generation nuclear reactors including fast reactors, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Hagiuda said at a press conference on the 7th of this month, "We do not anticipate new construction in Japan at this time." I am.