The quirks of the French language with Jean-Loup Chifflet

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Oxymore mon amour: what are the quirks of the French language?

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By: Pascal Paradou

What words are missing in the French language?

What is a heterophone homograph?

Do you know the paryponoian?


With this unexpected dictionary, the writer and editor Jean-Loup CHIFFLET tells some quirks of the French language and tames this old lady of grammar!

Guest: Jean-Loup CHIFLET, writer.

Oxymoron my love!

Unexpected dictionary of the French language

is published by Retrouvées editions 

And the chronicle of Lucie Bouteloup

"the flea in the ear"

 with Marcelle Ratafia, author specializing in slang.

Has published 

150 funny expressions of cooking that are not lacking in salt with Le Robert editions

Today "pedaling in sauerkraut".

But by the way, why would we pedal in this Alsatian specialty?


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