On the occasion of the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, Bao Dongni's new picture book "Cool!

Ice and Snow Sports" (published by Xinjiang Youth Publishing House in January 2022) was officially unveiled.

In the field of children's literature creation, the number of sports and competitive works is relatively small.

In the field of children's picture books, there are some picture books with children's games as the theme, but the theme of sports competition is basically not touched.

In the form of a series, this set of picture books selects several well-recognized items in ice and snow sports, such as figure skating, speed skating, snowboard, and ice hockey to tell stories, including "Rice Love Speed ​​Skating", "Girls Over Flowers" and "Single Board" Kid" "Hockey Squad".

  This set of "Cool!

"Ice and Snow Sports" can be called a literary creation in response to the times.

The writer tried to "tell the Winter Olympics stories well and go to the ice and snow appointment" in the form of children's picture books.

The work captures the contemporary theme of "ice and snow" with a keen eye, and visits many campuses where ice and snow sports are carried out, looking for creative prototypes and inspirations. Taking children as the object of expression, it depicts how contemporary children come into contact with and fall in love with ice and snow step by step. Sports, showing the unique charm of ice and snow sports.

The series of works describe the different ways of "bonding" between children and ice and snow.

"Rice Love Speed ​​Skating" is a girl who likes skating since childhood, and gradually grew into a short track speed skating competitor; "Girls Over Flowers" is a child who watched her mother grow up in a busy scene wearing roller skates in a flower shop. Her parents nurtured her interest and told her to "do well in anything you really like and engage in."

Under the guidance of interest, the child also established the ideal of becoming an "ice dancer". Along the way, he went to elementary school, joined the school team, participated in the club league, and entered the professional figure skating team that his mother won the championship in that year. flowers".

"Snowboard Kid" and "Hockey Squad" fully describe the importance of sports to the physical and mental development of children.

In "Snowboard Kid", a boy addicted to video games is coaxed to the ski resort by his father's "scheme".

He was fascinated by sports, entered the sports school, was selected to join the national snowboard training team, became a professional athlete, and sprinted to the Olympic championship.

The protagonists in "Hockey Squad" are a few energetic little boys who have repeatedly made trouble.

The principal came up with a coup and brought the children together to form an ice hockey team, allowing the children to freely release and temper their will in sports.

The children fell in love with ice and snow sports in different ways.

  The works also have contemporary significance for the expression of the theme of ice and snow sports.

Bao Dongni did not write it as "champion literature", but more highlighted "sports is life".

In the four works, the significance of children's participation in ice and snow sports is to appreciate the unique charm of ice and snow sports, and the speed and poetry of the ice and snow world.

The landscapes presented in the picture books are basically dynamic and dynamic pictures.

In order to achieve such an artistic effect, the writers and painters have observed the children's practice on the spot many times, tried to figure out the movement trajectory and posture of the athletes through sports videos and documentaries, and searched for the angle and strength of the painting.

The work finally outlines the sassy and heroic appearance of the ice and snow boy with smooth lines, fully demonstrating the power and beauty of ice and snow sports.

  What is especially worthy of recognition is the expression of the work's attitude towards winning and losing in competitive sports.

Competitive sports must have the characteristics of faster, higher and stronger competition, and therefore stimulate and hone the perseverance and determination of the competitive subjects.

However, the author did not limit the purpose of ice and snow sports to competition for victory, but showed a richer connotation.

For example, the attitude towards victory.

In "Mi Li Loves Speed ​​Skating", Mi Li often wins awards in the short track speed skating event, but she does not show off, but "keeps it quietly in the shoebox under the bed", and in every new season, "stands like a newcomer. Starting line", she constantly challenges herself with a humble attitude and pursues higher goals.

At the same time, the significance of sports is not only limited to winning, "no medals, like rice grains like speed skating"!

  The significance of ice and snow sports including various sports is to enhance physical fitness and promote the overall and healthy development of people's body and mind, which is of great significance for children's future growth.

The road to building a dream of "sports power" and the development plan of driving "300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports" should start from children.

There are many dynamic pictures of ice and snow movement in the picture book, and the pictures of children's energetic and smiling faces are inspiring.

It is expected that this set of literary picture books will attract more children to participate in ice and snow sports, feel the charm of sports, love sports, love sports, and grow up healthier, confident, sunny and brave.

(Author: Cui Xinping, professor of the College of Literature, Taiyuan Normal University)