China News Service, Beijing, January 26th, set up a nucleic acid detection mobile vehicle, opened a green channel, provided "door-to-door sampling intimate service", and turned on the "little sun" heater... At 6:00 on January 26th, Fengtai District started In the third round of nucleic acid testing, multiple nucleic acid testing points have opened a variety of heart-warming services, making nucleic acid testing more warm, convenient and efficient.

  At the nucleic acid testing site, people in line made appointments one by one under the guidance of the guide. The staff told reporters that it is faster to make an appointment in advance, and staff who go out must be tested before going to work.

  The reporter saw at the scene that a registration area, a waiting area and a sampling area were set up at the nucleic acid testing sampling point. After the first two rounds of nucleic acid testing, medical staff and citizens were already familiar with the nucleic acid testing process, and the staff set up a cordon in the relevant areas. , isolation belt, and on-site staff promptly remind citizens to protect themselves.

Citizens who come to take samples should wear masks, voluntarily queue up for sampling, and practically implement the collection and walk, fast and orderly, and do not get together or gather at the scene.

Photo courtesy of Fengtai District when staff disinfected the nucleic acid test site

  Nucleic acid testing mobile vehicles in Lugouqiao Sub-district drive directly into the enterprises in the jurisdiction, and come to the door in batches at different times, providing convenient and efficient testing services.

  In addition to mobile nucleic acid testing vehicles, several nucleic acid testing sites in Fengtai District also provide humanized and warm-hearted services to make testing safer and more efficient.

The Hanzhuangzi No. 2 Community in Kandan Street opened the "Little Sun" heater and electric heater in advance in the scanning code authentication area and the testing and sampling area for residents and medical staff to warm up; Screen pen to help reservation staff to make "contactless" reservations on mobile phones and avoid the risk of infection caused by direct contact with mobile phone screens; Heyi Street East Second Community, Taipingqiao Street Wanquan Village, Changxindian Street Zhaoxindian Village Nucleic acid testing sites such as Tianjiao Junyuan Community in Huaxiang Street and Dongtiejiangying Street have specially opened green channels to help the elderly, young children, and people with disabilities to quickly test and avoid staying outdoors for a long time.

In view of the fact that some elderly people and disabled people with inconvenience cannot go to the monitoring point for collection testing, Kandan Street Fengxi Community, Huaxiang Street Mingchunyuan Community, You'anmen Street Xitieying Community and other places also take "door-to-door sampling caring service" ”, to provide convenient services for everyone in nucleic acid testing.