Youth: a seed of hope for the future?

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For 2 years, before the start of the pandemic, young people from France and elsewhere filmed and put into action the projects they consider essential for their future.

© Seeds of Hope

By: Emmanuelle Bastide

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For 2 years, before the start of the pandemic, 332 young people from France, Burkina Faso, Madagascar and Spain filmed and put into action the projects they deem essential for their future.


Bringing together children from the North and the South, from the city and the countryside, making them talk to each other, sharing their experience, this is the project of director Pierre Beccu.

Through different themes: social justice, environment, food, etc. These young people took to the camera to show their vision for the future, determined to be agents of change.

How to give all its place to this young citizen?

After 2 years of health crisis, have their aspirations evolved?  

With :

Pierre Beccu

, director of the documentary 

Seeds of Hope 

released in theaters on January 26, 2022 

Roukiata Ouedraogo

, author and actress, voiceover of the documentary Seeds of Hope 

And at the end of the program

the chronicle of the psychologist Ibrahima Giroux, Parents, children, from here and elsewhere

 : What can take a step back in the exercise of parenthood mean? 

To download here

A weekly meeting to help parents, Ibrahima Giroux is a psychologist, in Dakar, Senegal  

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- Emma Peters

Stand on the world

- Keedz


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