According to an interview with investigators, Hidenoumi Takuya and Juryo Shiba, the sumo wrestlers, were sent documents on the 25th for illegal gambling in Saitama prefecture last summer.

The documents were sent to two people, Hidenoumi Takuya, a sumo wrestler, and Juryo Shiba.

According to investigators, the two were suspected of gambling illegally last summer using a pachislot machine that allows them to bet in cash at a store in Soka City, Saitama Prefecture.

When the police uncovered this store in September last year, it was discovered that two people were coming in and out as guests, and the police were conducting an investigation by listening to the situation from the two people.

The two were closed for the first time at the discretion of their master, Kise, on the suspicion that they were involved in illegal gambling and could be subject to disposition.

The Japan Sumo Association is expected to hold a regular board meeting on the 27th to consider disposition.