China News Service, Sanya, January 25 (Reporter Wang Xiaobin) In the warm sunshine by the seaside in Sanya, Liu Xuezhou from Hebei wore a "happy" white T-shirt and sunglasses. When his hair was lifted by the sea breeze, he showed his white teeth. Take a selfie with the camera.

Three days later, on January 24, Liu Xuezhou swallowed a large number of antidepressant tablets and died after being sent to the hospital for rescue.

  Liu Xuezhou, who was under the age of 18, was called a "family-seeking boy".

He finally left a long post on social platforms to bid farewell to the world.

  In the early morning of the 24th, Liu Xuezhou was quickly sent to the Hainan Hospital of the People's Liberation Army General Hospital, three kilometers away, for emergency treatment after being found abnormal at the seaside near the pier in Houhai, Sanya.

Emergency personnel found that he had swallowed several, hundreds of antidepressant tablets, and was pronounced dead after rescue.

Liu Xuezhou's death caused widespread concern.

  "This child is a very lonely child." Yue Xiaowen, president of the Hainan Provincial Society of Social Psychology and former director of the Department of Psychology of Hainan Medical College, believes that Liu Xuezhou is estimated to have severe depression from the point of view of all the antidepressants he takes. "Depression Patients will feel that the world is cold, and they want warmth but cannot get it.”

  Prof. Song Aifen, Ph.D. in psychology and head of the College Student Psychological Education Center of Hainan Tropical Ocean University, said that the tragedy of Liu Xuezhou, a boy who was looking for relatives, was mainly due to two aspects.

  Comprehensive information shows that Liu Xuezhou is the illegitimate child of his biological parents.

Song Aifen believes that when Liu Xuezhou asked his biological parents where he needed to live, it was actually a signal that he hoped to have family bonds.

Liu Xuezhou has experienced school bullying, and he has been abused and attacked on a wider scale on the Internet. "After all, a 17-year-old boy is still very fragile, so he will evoke past traumatic experiences and be more painful."

  "I am very sorry to see the last words left by the victim. May the deceased rest in peace." Song Aifen said.