A few days ago, the plum blossoms in Linyang Temple, a thousand-year-old ancient temple located in the Beifeng Mountains of Fuzhou, bloomed one after another, attracting many citizens to watch.

Linyang Temple is one of the five major Buddhist temples in Fuzhou. It has a thousand-year history since its establishment.

There are many varieties of plum blossoms in Linyang Temple, including girl pink, snow white, and yellow plum blossoms... a variety of colors adorn this thousand-year-old temple.

For a long time, Linyang Temple has been a resort for plum blossom viewing in Fuzhou. Every twelfth lunar month, a large number of tourists come here. The temple surrounded by cigarettes, under the background of plum blossoms, adds a bit of Zen.

(Reporter Wang Dongming produced Wu Rui)

Responsible editor: [Ji Xiang]