The Spring Festival is alert to the resurgence of "tongue waste"

  With the Spring Festival approaching, the gatherings of relatives and friends are crowded, business banquets are intensive, and "waste on the tip of the tongue" is on the rise again.

Relevant research by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences shows that more than 40% of urban and rural wedding banquets are wasted, about 30% of "event banquets" such as births and 100-day gatherings, 30% to 40% of business banquets, and about 40% of friends' dinners.

  Respecting the sky and cherishing things, diligence and thrift are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation.

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of "Operation CD-ROM", there are laws to be followed to stop food waste, and simplicity and moderation have also become a "new food fashion".

But why is the banquet still a waste of the hardest-hit areas?

There may be multiple factors such as the lack of warning and dissuasion in some restaurants and the limited relevant law enforcement forces, but after all, the most unavoidable thing is that some people's "face" knot - the banquet is not a meal, It's decent; if the food is cleaned, or the leftovers are packed, it's as if you can't afford a meal.

Driven by this mentality, saving moderately has become stingy and shabby. Even if a person who has always been thrifty and housekeeper, treats guests and ordering food must be based on the standard of "eating all the food". In this way, "following the trend", "talking about pomp" and "making comparisons", "leftover feasts" abound.

  "What's the matter with 'face'? It's okay if you don't want to, but when you think about it, you feel confused." Smack carefully, the "waste of face" on the dining table is even more confused.

On the one hand, spoiling food neither respects labor, but also seriously wastes resources. It is definitely "shame" rather than "honor".

Second, expressing "very enthusiastic" and "faced" with "can't finish eating" and "affordable to throw" is contrary to the modern life concept of simplicity, moderation and green environmental protection.

In fact, many people "don't care about the cost" when they are "hosts", but they have also expressed their pity about wasting food when it is their turn to be "diners".

Since we all understand the truth, why should we deceive ourselves and kidnap each other?