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[editor Jina Yoon] While actors Park Se-young and Kwak Jeong-wook, who appeared together in the drama 'School 2013', announced the news of their marriage, Kwak Jeong-wook's SNS post 9 years ago became a hot topic.

Yesterday (24th), Park Se-young's agency, CLN Company, made an official statement saying, "In mid-February 2022, Park Se-young and her lover, actor Kwak Jeong-wook, will enter into a 100-year relationship in some place in Seoul."

A representative from the agency said, "Please give warm support to the two people who have protected each other like friends and sometimes like lovers." has been raised," he said.

As a result, a lot of congratulations and interest poured into Park Se-young and Kwak Jeong-wook, who had been in a relationship for 10 years, and the SNS post left by Kwak Jeong-wook 9 years ago was re-examined.

In July 2013, Kwak Jung-wook posted a picture of himself with Park Se-young on his Twitter account and said, "I met Se-young by chance at KBS ♥ Noona, why are you so pretty?"

In the photo, Kwak Jeong-wook put his hand on Park Se-young's shoulder and took a V pose, but Park Se-young was smiling a bit awkwardly.

Kwak Jung-wook mentioned the drama he was filming at the time and added a cute saying, "Lee Se-young appears in 'Puberty Medley', so please support the same Se-young."

The actors who appeared in 'School 2013' continued to meet often after the drama ended, and they supported each other's steps and strengthened their friendship.

In fact, Kwak Jung-wook's SNS had several photos of the actors appearing in 'School 2013', and he even went out to support Park Se-young in the past when he was the MC for a music show.

In an interview with a media outlet, Kwak Jung-wook said, "I was a colleague with Park Se-young in 'School 2013'. The actors are still seeing each other often, but we met and became a bond."

Park Se-young's side also said, "The two met in 'School 2013', but they haven't been dating for 10 years. Pregnancy before marriage is also not true. We are preparing our next project."

(Photo = Kwak Jung-wook Twitter/Instagram, YouTube 'KBS StarTV: People Dictionary')

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