For heart health..don't neglect this nutrient

The Russian nutrition expert, Dr. Irina Real, revealed the importance of the element "selenium" for the body, noting that its deficiency is one of the common causes of ischemic heart disease.

In an interview with the Russian "Novosti" news agency, the expert indicated that selenium plays an important role in the functioning of the organs of the human body.

She says: "Selenium is a powerful antioxidant, able to prevent DNA damage, and ensures the strengthening of the immune system and the destruction of cancer cells. It also helps stop inflammation in the body, and lowers the inflammatory index CRP (C-reactive protein), according to "Russia Today".

And she continued, "According to the results of scientific studies, a deficiency of selenium in the blood is one of the common causes of ischemic heart disease, and the theory of free radicals confirms this."

And she adds: “A lack of selenium in the body can lead to diseases such as chronic thyroiditis and thyroid inactivity, and scientists have discovered a lack of its level in people suffering from Alzheimer’s, and that using it in a therapeutic dose improves their condition, and selenium is anti-arsenic, and protects the body from the effects of arsenic.” Cadmium, lead, thallium and mercury, and among its features are the activation of vitamin C and vitamin E, and it combines with them and with zinc, which enhances their work.

Sources of "Selenium"

The expert points to important sources of "selenium": Brazil nuts, oysters, seafood, eggs and sardines.

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