Solène Delinger 6:07 p.m., January 25, 2022

One in ten women suffers from endometriosis.

Taboo a few years ago, this incurable gynecological disease upsets the daily lives of those who suffer from it.

Because it is not limited to "simple" stomach aches during menstruation.

Painful sexual intercourse, urinary or digestive disorders... How to relieve these pains?

Guest in "Bienfait pour vous" on Europe 1, gynecologist Marc Even delivers four tips to make the daily lives of women with endometriosis easier. 


The taboo surrounding endometriosis is gradually being lifted.

In a video shared on social networks in early January, Emmanuel Macron took up the subject.

The President of the Republic announced a "national strategy" to fight against this gynecological disease which affects one in ten women, or around 2.5 million of them, and which is the leading cause of infertility in France.

"It's not a women's problem. It's a social problem", declared the President of the Republic, who intends "better to take charge of, make known and diagnose endometriosis".

Because endometriosis cannot currently be cured.

And yet, it upsets the daily lives of all those who are affected.

Stomach aches during menstruation, painful intercourse,

urinary or digestive disorders... The pains are innumerable and are specific to each woman.

How to relieve them?

Guest in "Benefit for you" on Europe 1, gynecologist Marc Even delivers five tips to soothe the ailments of women suffering from endometriosis. 

Analgesic treatment for teenage girls

Endometriosis is an inflammatory disease.

In adolescence, when young women suffer, they can be prescribed paracetamol combined with anti-inflammatories.

This treatment will relieve them during menstruation. 

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hormone treatment

Anti-inflammatory treatment has its limits.

If it is not powerful enough, one can have recourse to hormonal treatment with the taking of the pill (if the patient does not express a desire for pregnancy).

Taken continuously, the pill blocks menstruation.

This treatment is effective for dysmenorrhea, pain during menstruation, and dyspareunia, pain during sexual intercourse.

Taking the pill continuously is not dangerous.

There is no alteration, in particular on the ovarian reserve, nor any impact on fertility.

On the other hand, it is necessary to find the appropriate pill. 


If endometriosis is severe, and drug therapy insufficient, then it is necessary to remove cysts and adhesions caused by endometrial fragments present in the abdominal cavity.

Sometimes the uterus and ovaries are removed.

The intervention makes it possible to permanently remove the discomfort.

But be careful: you have to take into account the risk/benefit ratio (there is in particular a risk of incontinence after the operation). 

A healthy diet

Endometriosis pain can be relieved naturally.

Foods rich in omega 3 decrease the severity of symptoms.

Women with the disease can, for example, eat fatty fish such as sardines, mackerel, herring or chicken eggs raised with flax seeds, because they are ten times richer in omega 3 than other eggs.

Cinnamon is also recommended in case of endometriosis because it is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant spice capable of reducing pelvic pain during menstruation but also nausea.

Alcohol, on the other hand, should be avoided because it causes hormone levels to vary.