[Explanation] On January 23, the sixth session of the 15th Shanghai Municipal People's Congress closed, and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government press conference was held later.

Shanghai Mayor Gong Zheng said that in 2022, Shanghai's economic growth target is set at around 5.5%, taking into account both the current and the long-term, and taking into account the pressure on demand, supply and expectations.

  [Concurrent] Mayor of Shanghai Gong Zheng

  Despite many difficulties and challenges, Shanghai's economic recovery has not changed, and the conditions for resource elements that support high-quality development have not changed.

We have the confidence and confidence to achieve this goal through hard work and maintain the sustained, stable and healthy development of the economy.

  [Explanation] In 2021, Shanghai issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for Shanghai's Construction of a Globally Influential Science and Technology Innovation Center", which clearly proposes to move from the formation of a basic framework system to a comprehensive upgrade of functions.

Gong Zheng said that the Science and Technology Innovation Center has formed a basic framework and is in a critical jump period of comprehensive functional upgrading.

  [Concurrent] Mayor of Shanghai Gong Zheng

  We will take "high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement" as the strategic basis, take "strengthening the source function of scientific and technological innovation" as the main line, focus on institutions, facilities, and teams, and make greater efforts to strive for greater breakthroughs.

The first is institutions, mainly to accelerate the gathering of first-class scientific research institutions.

The second is facilities, mainly to accelerate the construction of first-class scientific and technological facilities.

The third is the team. Talent is the first resource and the first element is to speed up the building of a first-class scientific research team.

  [Explanation] In 2021, several rounds of sudden outbreaks occurred in Shanghai, and the disposal work was generally stable and orderly, without any surprises.

In this regard, Gong Zheng pointed out that behind it is the efficient operation of a complete set of epidemic prevention systems.

The "secrets" of Shanghai's epidemic prevention and control can be summed up as "four constants".

  [Concurrent] Mayor of Shanghai Gong Zheng

  First, always strengthen the sense of urgency.

Second, always focus on precision and speed.

In handling emergencies, we strive to arrive at the scene as early as possible, accurately and quickly, within two hours, complete the investigation of epidemiological core information within four hours, and complete eight major aspects such as nucleic acid testing, regional control, and transfer and isolation within 24 hours. work, and effectively achieve "four early and five most".

Third, always adhere to scientific anti-epidemic.

We fully listen to the opinions of experts, let professional analysis and judgment help scientific decision-making, and focus on technology empowerment.

Fourth, always build two barriers.

One is the vaccine immunity barrier. More than 94% of the city's permanent residents have been vaccinated against the new crown vaccine; the other is the barrier for personal protection. Generally speaking, Shanghai citizens are very self-disciplined. Protection "five stills".

  [Explanation] Regarding the comprehensive promotion of urban digital transformation, Gong Zheng pointed out that in the next step, Shanghai will focus on technological innovation, scene application, and environmental optimization, and embark on a comprehensive digital transformation road that conforms to the characteristics of megacities as soon as possible.

  Reporter Chen Jing Xu Yinkang Yuzhan reported from Shanghai

Responsible editor: [Wu Qingcai]