Two girls in a coma after being poisoned by a charcoal fire

  Courageous and resourceful college students won 10,000 yuan for saving lives in "textbook style"

  - On January 18, in Dongxing Community, Maliu Town, Dachuan District, Dazhou City, Sichuan, a 10-year-old girl Xiao He brought her friend Xiao Tang to play at her uncle's house. Unexpectedly, she fell into a coma due to poisoning from a charcoal brazier while sleeping.

He Junjie, the next-door neighbor and returning college student, rushed to the scene after hearing the news. He used the first aid knowledge he had learned at school to give emergency aid and rescued Xiao He on the spot... Later, He Junjie and his family sent the two girls to the hospital for treatment. , both of them are out of danger.

  - After the story of He Junjie's saving lives spread, he was praised by netizens, saying that he carried out a "textbook-style" rescue!

In order to thank him for his life-saving grace, Xiao He's relatives also specially sent pennants to express their gratitude.

 Two girls in a coma after being poisoned by a charcoal fire

  Neighboring college student brother emergency rescue

  Recently, a video circulated on the Internet: two girls in Dazhou were poisoned by a charcoal fire, and a returned college student next door participated in guiding the first aid, allowing the two to escape in time.

  On January 24, a reporter from Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News came to Liu Honghai's home in Dongxing Community, Maliu Town, Dachuan District. The poisoned girl Xiao He was his niece, and the other girl was Xiao He's friend Xiao Tang.

He Junjie, who participated in guiding the first aid, lived next door, and the two families lived next to each other.

  He Junjie introduced to reporters that at about 1:35 noon on January 18, the 80-year-old grandmother called the two sleeping children to eat, but no one answered after calling many times. It was found that the two were in a coma, and Xiao Tang was still foaming at the mouth.

The old man hurried out to call for help, and asked his neighbor to dial 120 for help.

  He Junjie's mother, He Yan, said, "(Xiao He) grandmother just walked out the door when she saw me and hurriedly asked me if I could call 120, saying that the two babies were poisoned."

He Junjie heard the word "poisoning" and ran into the house immediately, shouting to the people in the house not to turn on the lights, "for fear of igniting and exploding".

  He Junjie saw in the bedroom that the two were motionless on the bed, there was an unpleasant smell in the room, and there was a pot of charcoal fire on the ground.

He judged at the time that it may have been carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the charcoal fire.

Afterwards, He Junjie hurriedly asked him and himself to carry the two girls to the open space outside the house. He Yan introduced to the reporter that at that time, she dialed 120; his son He Junjie gave guidance on the spot and carried the two girls to the open space outside the house together. .

Because he was a girl, He Junjie instructed Xiao He's uncle and aunt to perform CPR on them.

After a while, Xiao He woke up, but Xiao Tang was still unconscious.

In order to gain time, He Junjie and his parents drove the two girls to Dongxing Community Health Center by car together, and then they were urgently transferred to Dazhou Central Hospital.

The entire emergency scene was just captured by the surveillance outside Liu Honghai's house.

  At present, Xiao He and Xiao Tang are out of danger.

According to Liu Honghai, the two will be discharged from the hospital in two days.

  Xiao He's uncle Liu Honghai introduced that in the morning, after Xiao He and Xiao Tang got up and had breakfast, he went out to run errands.

Because of the cold weather, the two children went back to bed and continued to sleep. The 80-year-old mother was afraid that the children would be cold, so she put a pot of charcoal fire in the room where they slept.

Unexpectedly, in just a few hours, the two girls were poisoned.

Liu Honghai said that if he was at home at the time, it would be absolutely impossible to put the charcoal brazier in the bedroom.

  In order to thank He Junjie for his timely rescue, Liu Honghai and his brother and sister-in-law sent a pennant to express their gratitude, "to express our hearts."

 "Courageous and resourceful, praise Chinese youth"

  Everyday positive energy reward 10,000 yuan

  After learning about this, Alibaba Tiantian Positive Energy and Chengdu Commercial Daily Red Star News awarded He Junjie a special Tiantian Positive Energy Award and a 10,000 yuan positive energy bonus.

  Alibaba Tiantian Positive Energy wrote in the award speech: "Knowledge is power, kindness drives action, and his efforts to save lives are worthy of our praise! The young man is calm and composed, and he has put his learning into practice, saving two people at the juncture of life and death. Precious life has also written a beautiful and strong stroke for his own life. Cheers for his wisdom and courage! This is the true character of contemporary Chinese youth! Courageous, resourceful, handsome, the future is promising, like Chinese youth."

  He Junjie also expressed his gratitude to Alibaba for the award of positive energy every day: "First of all, I am very grateful to Alibaba for giving myself this award. I didn't expect this matter to receive a lot of attention from the society and save two lives. It is also very unexpected to receive this award. Thank you! I also hope to spur and encourage young people through my actions to lend a helping hand when encountering such a thing.”

  Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporter Zhang Yang