On January 24, 2022, The Paper learned from the Sanya 110 Command Center that Liu Xuezhou, a boy who had been blocked by his biological mother's WeChat after successfully finding his relatives, committed suicide. He died in the early morning of the same day after rescue efforts were unsuccessful. The specific situation is still under investigation.

  At 0:02 on January 24, Liu Xuezhou, a boy from Hebei Province who was looking for relatives, posted a long post on Weibo. The post was suspected of suicidal tendencies, which attracted the attention of many netizens.

Under the long post on Weibo, Liu Xuezhou's location is displayed in Sanya.

  After 2 a.m., Liu Xuezhou's aunt, Chai Mou, told the media: "Liu Xuezhou took medicine at the seaside in Sanya. After being found by a kind person, he was in the hospital for emergency treatment." die.

  In the early morning of the 24th, Liu Xuezhou posted a suspected suicide note on Weibo, saying that he was sold by his parents as a dowry gift when he was born, and that both his adoptive parents died at the age of 4. He was a victim of school bullying.

These labels such as "the boy who was looking for relatives was abandoned twice" are his most real experiences.

  In the article, Liu Xuezhou said that after he succeeded in finding his relatives, he was subjected to online violence by many netizens for publishing screenshots of himself being blocked by his biological mother on the Internet, and being "requested to buy a house by some people who turned black and white."

He wanted to "also return to the sea and end his life here".

  Peng Mei News noticed that on January 21, some netizens left a message in Liu Xuezhou's Weibo comment area to question Liu Xuezhou, saying that Liu Xuezhou was using his relatives to hype and establish himself, and Liu Xuezhou's behavior was to use the kindness of netizens to gain sympathy. .

In this regard, Liu Xuezhou commented on Weibo, saying, "Defamation is illegal, and the evidence is preserved."

  In the early morning of the 24th, after Liu Xuezhou released the article, many netizens left messages saying that they should call the police as soon as possible.

  Reporter Liao Yan