• A Forbidden Zone report on radical Islam takes place partly in Roubaix.

  • A case for which the mayor of the city must soon be tried is mentioned.

  • These are public subsidies from an educational support association which would give Koranic lessons.

Sunday evening, M6 broadcast “Faced with the danger of radical Islam, the responses of the State”, a report from its program Zone prohibited. A survey of several months in which Roubaix holds a particularly important place. The report of our colleagues evokes in particular the AAIR, an association of tutoring subsidized by the town hall and suspected of giving Koranic lessons. A case for which the current mayor of Roubaix, Guillaume Delbar, must be tried on February 1 for "misappropriation of public funds by negligence".

Faceless dolls because it would be contrary to the principles of Islam to represent human beings, a restaurant with closed boxes for veiled women, toys for young Muslims, books explaining the rights and duties of spouses Muslims… For these signs, which Zone prohibited has unearthed in certain shops in Roubaix and which would prove the development of communitarianism, the city takes it for its rank on social networks.

But it is rather on the part concerning the AAIR association that the mayor of the town, Guillaume Dellbar, wanted to speak on Monday.

"I may have been deceived, I may have been wrong"

It is also because the town hall has subsidized this association, suspected of having given Koranic courses, that the elected official will appear in court. “Yes, I admit it: I even supported an association that had just split with a mosque that had become Salafist. Why ? Because it was developing a great program to help children in Roubaix in school success,” reacts Guillaume Delbar.

In the report of our colleagues, the Koranic courses suddenly disappeared to be replaced by Arabic courses, "because the State is watching us", deplore the parents of students interviewed. “So yes, I may have been cheated, I could have been wrong. But the debate should not be manipulated by those who see separatists everywhere”, defends Guillaume Delbar, recalling in passing that “this association has been unanimously supported by communities for years”. And among these communities, the North prefecture: "Checks carried out by state services have shown that the AAIR association provides Arabic lessons of a cultural nature", recognizes the state representative on Twitter .The prefect nevertheless ensures that he ceased all payments for these reasons from March 1, 2021 and that he requested the reimbursement of previous subsidies.


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