A student shot at several people in a lecture hall at Heidelberg University on Monday afternoon, killing a woman with a shot in the head and injuring three other people, some seriously.

The alleged perpetrator, about whose identity the responsible police headquarters in Mannheim only wanted to comment in the evening, apparently had no political or religious motives;

In investigator circles it was said that the attack was probably more of a relationship act.

Ruediger Soldt

Political correspondent in Baden-Württemberg.

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"The man ran into the lecture hall armed with a gun and immediately opened fire there, but our investigations so far have not been able to clarify whether it was indiscriminate or targeted," said a spokesman for the Mannheim police headquarters of the FAZ The perpetrator quickly left the lecture hall, he probably met some police officers outside, but there was no exchange of fire there, the man shot himself. A special task force (SEK) from the Baden-Württemberg state police was also on duty at the crime scene in the afternoon. "It was probably a lone perpetrator," said the police spokesman. The university campus had to be cordoned off over a large area on Monday afternoon.

The lecture hall building in Neuenheimer Feld is part of the botanical garden and is close to various facilities of the Heidelberg University Hospital and some scientific institutes.

Police searched the area after the murder with a helicopter.

The Baden-Württemberg Science Minister Theresia Bauer (Greens) said she hoped for a full explanation of the fact: "We are stunned and shocked by this tragic event.

My thoughts are with the injured, their families and friends.” A large area of ​​Neuenheimer Feld was cordoned off until late afternoon.

The Heidelberg member of the Bundestag Franziska Brantner (Greens) expressed her condolences to all those affected and thanked the police and rescue workers.