Kagoshima University discovered that a new species of crustacean with a body length of about 1 mm was attached to the buttocks of a group of haze collected in the tidal flats of Izumi City, Kagoshima Prefecture. The Japanese name was named "Oshijirimushi" after the popular character of "".

According to Associate Professor Daisuke Ueno of Kagoshima University, a graduate student saw a small shell attached to the tail fin of a fellow Haze called "Chiwarasbo" collected in the tidal flats of Izumi City, Kagoshima Prefecture last May. I found.

It is about 1.3 mm long and has a brown body with a shell and is considered to be a group of copepods, but the shape of the chin is characteristic, and Associate Professor Ueno concluded that it is a new species of a new family, and on the 24th, in the United Kingdom It was published in an academic journal.

The scientific name is "Koreftoria Shiranui" because it was found in the Shiranui Sea where it was discovered, and the Japanese name is "Oshijirimushi Family", which is named after the popular character of "NHK Minna no Uta" because it looks like it bites on the buttocks with its chin. It is said that it was named "Oshijirimushi".

Only one individual of this "Osilica dirimus" has been discovered so far, and although the detailed ecology is unknown, it is rare for a new "family" to be established in the classification of organisms.

Associate Professor Ueno said, "I wanted to give it a name that would be familiar to me. I think I was clinging to the fish and eating something on the surface."

The graduate student who discovered "Oshijirimushi"

"Chiwarasubo", a goby family with "Oshijirimushi" attached, was collected by Mr. Koreeda in the tidal flats of Izumi City, a first year master's student at the Graduate School of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Kagoshima University, which is studying the classification of fish. ..

When Mr. Koreeda was preparing a specimen of "Chiwarasbo", he noticed "Oshijirimushi" in the buttocks and reported it to Associate Professor Ueno, who specializes in parasites.

Mr. Koreeda said, "I thought that something like garbage was on the fins, but my legs were growing and it started to move, so I thought it was like a parasite. I happened to find it, but as a new species I'm glad that it was mentioned and had a charming name. I would like to pay attention not only to fish but also to parasitic creatures as much as possible. "

Uruma Delvi, the author of "Oshiri Kajiri Mushi"

Uruma Delvi, the author of "Oshiri Kajiri Mushi," told NHK about the results of this research, "I was surprised that the fictitious character we created became real. It remains in the world as an academic name. I'm happy. I want you to do your best in your research so that you can name various "biting insects" one after another. "