The 79-year-old host does not intend to retire!

Michel Drucker was the guest of Audrey Crespo-Mara in

Seven to eight

on TF1 this Sunday.

A program in which he returned to his very heavy open-heart surgery in 2020.

“It's a small miracle.

I believed at one point that I will not go to the end of this journey and that I will end this journey with sequels.

That was my great anxiety, ”said Michel Drucker.

“Ours is a stressful job”

The host, who said he lost 12 to 14 kg during this ordeal, believes that stress is the cause of his health problems.

“I have been doing this job for almost 60 years, begins Michel Drucker, who made his first appearance in 1964, interviewing athletes returning from the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

I had it when I was a kid – dunce stress.

And ours is a stressful job”.

The facilitator now feels “very good”.

“I changed my life,” he added.

Michel Drucker now does telework and one hour of sport a day to re-educate his heart.

“My life is my job”

Michel Drucker explained that he had asked his cardiologist to “unplug” him if the operation did not allow him to be able to practice his profession again.

“I couldn't bear the idea of ​​doing a public job again when I was disabled (…) My life is my job.

If I had come out diminished, it was not playable,” he said.

Michel Drucker continues to animate

Vivement dimanche

 on France 2 and does not think of hanging up.

"Without TV, it's not possible," he confessed.

“I would see myself continuing for ten years”

And to add: “I'm not going to compare myself to Molière… But Dalida sang

To die on stage

, I understand her very, very well”.

We will see him for a long time to come on the small screen: “I could see myself continuing for ten years.

It's not up to me."

“The cardiologists reassured me, I have the heart for that.

They told me: “Everything is new,” he concluded.


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