When a probable cheating takes disproportionate proportions.

While a Minecraft video game tournament was launched on January 19, 2022, it cost an entire country internet connection on the second day.

The Principality of Andorra was deprived of connection for several hours after several cyberattacks on the servers of the only Internet service provider in the country, Andorra Telecom, reveals Phonandroid.

At least eight Andorran players participating in the SquidCraft tournament were thus disconnected from the servers.

These were eliminated immediately.

What arouse the suspicions of some.

It is possible that this hack was calculated to exclude players located in Andorra.

100,000 euros up for grabs

These suspicions of cheating are accentuated by the lure of potential gain.

The winner of the tournament will win a prize of 100,000 dollars (88,000 euros).

And a number of players live in the principality.

With several of them now eliminated, the other participants in the competition have seen the tidy sum come closer.

The origin of the attack on Andorra Telecom's servers remains unknown to this day.

And no one knows if the Andorran players will get justice after their elimination.

In the meantime, SquidCraft games seem to have been a big hit.

The competition inspired by the events of the

Squid Game


attracted more than one million spectators on the Twitch streaming platform.


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