While we deplored the decrease – by half, since 1870!

– coral populations, a scientific exploration team has just located a gigantic coral reef in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, in French Polynesia.

A discovery that is all the more important if they only cover 1% of the seabed, coral reefs are an important carbon sink that contributes 25% of marine food resources.

Alexis Rosenfeld, photographer, explorer and leader of the UNESCO “1 Ocean” project, still cannot believe it: “This reef is exceptional because it starts at 30 meters – usually it is much shallower – and finishes at least 80 meters away;

and then it is extremely large since we followed it over a surface of 3 kilometers;

but above all, it is extremely alive and its coverage is over 70% in some places!


“More than 80% of the ocean is still unexplored, unmapped”

Such discoveries make it possible to “better understand the oceans,” rejoices Alexis Rosenfeld.

Especially since today we know more about the maps of Mars or the Moon than that of our own oceans”.

Accompany him on a dive into the heart of this exceptional marine sanctuary in this video from our partner Brut.


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