"The leaning decor" replaced by a murderous "1, 2, 3, sun"?

Arthur unveiled on Instagram the trailer for the tenth anniversary of his entertainment

Friday, everything is allowed

 on TF1, which will be broadcast on January 29.

To celebrate this event, the host decided to parody Netflix's phenomenon Korean series,

Squid Game


"This is the new version of

Friday, everything is permitted

, for ten years, it's not terrible", is surprised Mickaël Youn, flanked by the famous green jogging of the series, just like Kev Adams who we see in the foreground.

“He freaked out Arthur or what?

asks Arnaud Ducret.

"At the same time it changes, I couldn't take any more of his stupid games", continues Arnaud Tsamère to Baptiste Lecaplain.

“And me, he disguised me as a chicken, remembers, not without emotion, Jarry.

No, but I am a vegetarian so at some point, you have to respect me…”.

“Hey, is it a new one tonight or is it another replay?

, then quips Florent Peyre.

Because he stuffs himself.

Cartman as a game master

"Fortunately we are well paid," laughs Soprano.

“Jealous of who, the pelican?

laughs Elie Semoun.

"The pelican is Arthur", specifies a resident, before the game master, played by Cartman, and his teams in red jumpsuits appear.

“If we brought you together this evening, it is to celebrate together the 10th anniversary of

Friday, everything is permitted

 ”, he launches.

Arthur as a killer doll

"Ten years, is that all?"

It feels like 30 years,” mocks Booder.

"Yeah, it's clear, it's the Michel Drucker of TF1," adds Gérémy Crédeville.

"And by the way, where is Arthur?"

asks Amel Chabhi.

The TF1 host then appears in the role of the motion-detecting killer doll from

Squid Game


"There, we really lost Arthur," said Bruno Guillon.

“What a stupid ordeal”, protests Arnaud Tsamère.

"I preferred when we did the leaning decor," confirms Baptiste Lecaplain.

When the first shots ring out, Arthur wakes up in his dressing room from what he thinks is only a "nightmare"... But on the mirror of his dressing room is a business card with geometric patterns well known to fans of

Squid Game!


"Friday, everything is permitted" celebrates its 100th: A look back at a success "made in France"


“To find you”, “Friday everything is permitted”, “The quiz of champions”… What to watch on TV from January 24 to 30?

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