It is just noon on this Monday.

On the Malraux peninsula in Strasbourg, no noticeable effervescence.

In any case, around restaurant tables.

One of the effects of the vaccination pass, which has just come into force?

Not really.

“Mondays are generally very quiet,” says a server from Au Bureau.

While legislation now allows them to check customers' identity papers, in order to check that they are not presenting a false pass, Strasbourg professionals in the sector are unanimous: policing is out of the question.

The fear of a drop in activity

"It's not my job and I don't want to manage the conflicts that it will create," says Thomas Hauer, director of the Léon de Rivétoile establishment.

For him, the vaccination pass “will not change anything, those who are vaccinated were already coming”.

On the other hand, he notes a real drop in attendance since the establishment of the health pass: “Before, on Mondays, we had between 50 and 60 covers.

There, we turn between 20 and 30.

A little further, Gotty Merzisen welcomes Memphis Coffee customers with a big smile behind his mask and the scan in hand.

He too does not intend to “act as a law enforcement officer.

It's not my job.

Let everyone take their responsibilities.

“The manager of three brands on the Malraux peninsula is more afraid “that the activity will fall”: “This morning, I saw that some Parisian cafes had made – 70% of turnover…”

At Sushi's Black Swan, the manager of the brand Julie Collin has "not too much opinion on it".

“If we are forced to do so, we will respect the law.

But it would be nice if we didn't have to verify the identity in addition to the passes.

It’s already a waste of time to check the health passes…”

“Moved to client level”

Alexandre Blandin shares this opinion.

“We don't have time either,” says the assistant manager of the restaurant La Boucherie.

“If we have a big big doubt, why not, like when a man who presents a pass with a female name.

But that had never happened before.

On the Halles side, Lucas Peterolff, manager of the lunch service at Vapiano, evokes “a classic Monday”.

With a few exceptions, “we had to refuse two or three clients who did not have the vaccination pass.

I will check the IDs if I really have any doubts, but I find it inappropriate at the customer level.


"It's intrusive"

And the customers, what do they think?

Lisa, who came with two friends to Memphis Coffee, doesn't mind taking out her identity card.

“It doesn't bother me, I find that if they do it, it's not for nothing.

On the other hand, Ada, an 18-year-old student, is much more circumspect: “It would bother me a bit, it's intrusive.

We shouldn't have to prove anything if we want something to drink or eat.


As for this customer who has just had his pass scanned, the opinion could not be clearer: “I will answer you once I have eaten.

“After the vaccination pass, the” go your way “.


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Coronavirus: The vaccine pass, a countermeasure to the epidemic?

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