World Health Organization

(WHO) has recognized stress as the disease of the 21st century, which affects both physically and mentally.

It causes


, sleep disorders,

intestinal problems,

skin rashes... And it also has repercussions on appearance, since, among other things, it encourages the appearance of gray hair.

It is especially harmful when it lasts over time, it can trigger the dreaded anxiety, which is "when the symptoms prevent you from

leading a normal life

. Many people notice mild anxiety, but continue with their daily lives, although with a lot of stress. If it is something persistent, you don't sleep well, the tension is great and it

causes suffering

to you and to those close to you, that's when you have to ask for help," warns psychiatrist Inés López Ibor.

As if all of the above were not enough, a recent study published in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors has shown that this condition is closely linked to


, especially in



The link between alcohol and stress

Although often used from a

social and leisure perspective,

alcohol is a central nervous system depressant


that inhibits brain function and is susceptible to addiction.

Many people consume it as an

escape route

in times of pressure.

As an example, the sale of beer increased by 78% in Spain during



But excessive alcohol consumption leads to very serious health problems.

The study published in the scientific publication Psychology of Addictive Behaviors observed how exposing a population group to stressful situations increased

alcohol consumption



, while it did not affect men.

In the experiment, 105 women and 105 men were herded into a

simulated bar


There, some received alcohol and others non-alcoholic beverages in the first phase of the test.

Afterwards, all of them were subjected to

stressful situations


Finally, everyone was given a 90-minute

open bar

of alcoholic beverages.

The researchers looked at the amounts of alcohol consumed by each user by analyzing their

blood breath

content (BAC).

The results showed that men maintained the same drinking habit with or without stressors, while for women it was a


, leading them to consume

more alcohol

in the second phase of the investigation.

In conclusion, they underlined the need to develop

specific models

to tackle this problem, since suffering from stress plays a vital role in

alcohol abuse disorders

in the female population.

In short, alcohol consumption should not be taken lightly, nor should its



Not in vain, more and more


are defending the virtues of abstinence.

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