China News Service, January 22. According to the official WeChat news of "Crane City Release", in order to further strengthen the normalized epidemic prevention and control work, on the 21st, the Qiqihar City Epidemic Headquarters of Heilongjiang Province decided to carry out nucleic acid testing for all employees in the city from 26 to 28. , the details are as follows:


  On January 26, nucleic acid testing was carried out for all staff in Longsha District, Jianhua District, and Tiefeng District.

  On January 27, nucleic acid tests were carried out for all staff in Fulaerji District, Meilis District, Angangxi District, and Nianzi Mountain Area.

  On January 28, Tailai County, Longjiang County, Gannan County, Fuyu County, Nehe City, Yi'an County, Keshan County, Kedong County, and Baiquan County carried out nucleic acid testing for all employees.

  Sampling location:

  The sampling points are divided into fixed sampling points and mobile sampling points. Residents are invited to participate in the sampling at the sampling points in their residences according to the organization and arrangement of the village (community) staff. Special personnel can take samples at home after reporting to the community.

  Detection object:

  All residents in Qiqihar city area (including local permanent population, temporary population, temporary floating population, foreign population, etc.).

In principle, residents will participate in the sampling according to their habitual residence, and no cross-regional sampling and inspection are allowed unless for special reasons.


  (1) All counties (cities) and districts must complete nucleic acid testing within 24 hours.

  (2) During the sampling and testing period, for special populations such as patients who cannot go to the fixed sampling point for sampling, the counties (cities) and districts will organize staff to conduct sampling at their homes, and residents are requested to actively cooperate.

  (3) Residents are requested to actively cooperate with the staff of each sampling point to do a good job in sample collection. For those who refuse to cooperate, do not support nucleic acid testing, disrupt order, conceal, lie, or forge information, the public security organs will strictly investigate the law. responsibility.

  (4) Residents are requested to carry valid documents such as ID cards and foreign identity certificates according to the arrangement of the village (community) organization, and go to the designated sampling points for sampling in an orderly manner according to the arranged time period, so as to ensure that no one person in a household is missed.

  (5) Residents are asked to take personal protection during the sampling period, wear masks throughout the process, take the initiative to receive temperature checks, and maintain a distance of more than one meter, avoid gathering and talking with each other, and effectively prevent cross-infection.

  (6) Due to the recent cold weather, residents are requested to add clothes to keep warm, pay attention to non-slip, and take good care of the elderly, women and children.