It should read "around 50 years of photography" because an exact date can no longer be determined.

It must have been around 1967, however, when Thomas Muncke – born in 1953 – attended a photography course at the adult education center and has been taking photos ever since, but he has also dealt with the work of other photographers.

The hobby later led to the job of photo editor at a news agency, who checked countless photos for their usability every day.

He had previously successfully completed his journalism studies with a thesis on early photojournalism.

What remained was a love for photography, and later also for video films, which lasts to this day.

Tens of thousands of negatives and digital image files have accumulated.

The exhibition includes the photographic work over the past few years.

Recordings from the early 1970s and recordings made by celebrities and singers at their performances from the late 1980s are shown.

Years ago, Thomas Muncke wanted to put together ten of his favorite photos for a portfolio for friends.

This collection was then expanded again and again and is now being exhibited for the first time.

Around 30 photographs show the range of photographic work from 1966 to the present day.

There is everything from portrait to landscape photo, just no sports.

This spectrum is supplemented by more recent photos, some of which are large-format, in which the focus is on composition and design.

Thomas Muncke does not have a finished image in mind when he sets out with the camera.

He is fascinated by structures that he finds in reality, and minimalism is also an issue.

If necessary, color, brightness and contrast are corrected during image processing, and perhaps also the section.

That's it.

Craftsmanship is important for the autodidact.

The exhibition Thomas Muncke – 50 Years of Photography can be seen on Thursdays and Saturdays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.