Hours after a joint song that brings them together, Hama Beca attacks Omar Kamal: a fake owner!

The first hours of the release of the new song, which is called "Provocative" and brings together festival singers Omar Kamal and his colleague Hamo Beka, witnessed a major crisis between the duo.

Where Hamo Beca launched a severe attack on his colleague Omar Kamal, and accused him of forgetting the favor and denial of what Hamo Beca had done with him in his early days, which caused the new song to be deleted hours after its release, and Hamo Beca demanded the audience to wait for the modified version, which may not witness the presence of Omar Kamal .

Hama Beka went live on his official account on "Instagram" to confirm that he told his colleague Omar Kamal that their song together will be released soon, and despite that, Omar Kamal was presenting new works for him without paying attention to the work that Hamo Beka brings together.

And when Hama Beka met him on one occasion, he told him that the song would be released the next day, and asked him to promote it through his accounts through social media.

However, Omar Kamal ignored his request and did not respond to his many calls, which caused the anger of Hama Beca, who confirmed that his friend is a "fake owner", and that he was the reason for his success, and Omar Kamal's first song was through Hama Beca, so that the latter Ban him from his friends list.

Hamo Beca demanded his colleague to succeed alone in the future, and asked him not to say peace be upon him when he met him by chance on any occasion, expressing regret for the friendship that had him in the last period, and that these days the good person is unfair.

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