Europe 1 12:37 p.m., January 22, 2022

Every Saturday in the Table des bons vivants, Laurent Mariotte, his columnists and his guests share their best recipes with us.

For 4 people

-800g Brie de Meaux

-200g Brie de Melun 

-1 knob of butter 

-1 pinch of pepper

- No wine. 

Decrust the Bries, cut the dough into large cubes. 

Heat over high heat in a saucepan without ceasing to turn and reduce the heat after a few minutes.

It takes about 10 minutes to cook until a very liquid mixture is obtained. 

Before removing from the heat and putting in the fondue pot, add the butter and pepper.  

For the light tip: choose large button mushrooms, peel them and cut them into 4 at the last minute.

For the bread, make croutons or choose a nice traditional baguette.