China News Service, Guangzhou, January 22 (Guo Jun, Li Dingding, and Li Ji) At 2:40 on January 22, the duty room of the Guangzhou Maritime Safety Administration received a notification from the Zhuhai Maritime Safety Administration that an unnamed speedboat was on Dazhizhou Island in Guishan, Zhuhai City. The eastern waters overturned and 5 people fell into the water. The situation was urgent.

After receiving the report, the Guangzhou maritime department immediately launched an emergency response to organize search and rescue, and successfully rescued all the drowning personnel at 2:55.

At present, the five drowning personnel are in good health.

  It is understood that after receiving the report, the Guangzhou Maritime Department immediately launched an emergency response, quickly dispatched the "Hai Xun 09076" ship of the Guangzhou Shajiao Maritime Department to the scene of the incident for rescue, and coordinated with the Zhuhai Maritime Safety Administration, the Zhuhai Police Bureau, and the Zhuhai Fisheries Administration. The bureau and other search and rescue forces jointly rescue the drowning personnel.

At the same time, the Guangzhou Ship Traffic Management Center was arranged to use the supervision and command system, VHF and other means to broadcast navigation warnings, requiring nearby ships such as "Xinda Oil 8" and "Zhonggu 16" to assist in search and rescue, and passing ships slow down and pay attention to avoidance.

  At 2:55, the "Xinda Oil 8" ship successfully rescued the five drowning persons.

After multi-party coordination, under the condition of effective epidemic prevention and control measures, at 17:10, all five drowning personnel were safely transferred to the shore and sent to the Zhuhai epidemic prevention and isolation point.

  Guangzhou Maritime reminds citizens: During the Spring Festival, due to the strong winds in winter, there are often large winds and waves in the waters of the Pearl River Estuary. When carrying out water activities, wear life jackets and take regular boats.

In case of emergency, call the water distress call number "12395" in time.