A minor delayed retribution for 15 years. A Saudi woman gave up her brother's killer for the sake of God (video)

Hassan Derby, the killer's father speaks after pardoning his son.

On Wednesday, the Criminal Court of the Saudi city of Tabuk closed the curtain on a murder case that took place in the year 1428 AH in Tabuk.

Whereas, Maryam bint Faisal Al-Anzi, announced the amnesty for the killer of her brother Bandar, about fifteen years ago, Mubarak Hassan Al-Darbi.

In the details, Maryam said that her renunciation of her brother’s killer Bandar, may God have mercy on him, was without condition or restriction, confirming their rejection of all mediations, directions and money, noting that she felt that the reason for her waiver would restore life to the killer’s family and pay and reward for her brother Bandar and her father, may God Almighty have mercy on them.

She concluded by saying that when I informed my mother and brothers of this decision, they welcomed him and praised it, so I advise everyone who hears this clip of me, and he has the right with anyone and has the ability to pardon, so let them pardon and forgive and his reward is on God.

The events of the story date back to the year 1428 AH, when the young “Al-Darbi” killed the young “Al-Anzi” by shooting him with a weapon he was carrying. A few months ago, and today, after 15 years, pardon came, for God's sake, from the older sister of the murdered.

According to Sabq newspaper, Hassan Al-Darby, the father of the killer, said as he recalled the events of that night 15 years ago, and said: "I returned from the Aghnamy site to the house and found the police at the house asking for the son, and by asking about the reason, they told me that he committed a murder, and I handed him over to them immediately." And that was a great test from God for us and the family of the dead man.

He added to "Previously" I used to ask God in every Faraj prayer, which is what came today at the hands of Maryam Al-Anzi;

My thanks to her, her mother, and all her brothers for this generous pardon, and we will not repay them for their right no matter what we do or offer, and we have nothing for them but sincere prayers and gratitude.

Maryam Bint Faisal Al-Anzi from Tabuk announces the amnesty for her brother's killer before the execution of the judgment of retribution in an amnesty that came to God's sake without condition or restriction# Tabuk


- Snap Tabuk (@snap_tabuk) January 20, 2022

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