The second edition of "Gunma Dialect Karuta", which incorporates the Gunma dialect, has been completed and is attracting attention as a unique karuta that allows you to learn dialects while playing.

"Gunma Dialect Karuta 2" was created by students and researchers at Kyoai Gakuen Maebashi International University in Maebashi City in order to learn the Gunma dialect and get familiar with the local area.

The dialect of Gunma is used for the reading card, and the reading card of "ha" means "Are you going home? Do you want to play a little more?" Is written.

In addition, the dialect of "What? It's delicious" that means "What? It looks very delicious" is introduced in the reading card of "NA".

The picture cards are also based on the paper cutouts made by the students, and have a tasteful design.

The first one made in 2012 sold about 10,000 copies, and the second one is sold at some bookstores and hot spring inns in Gunma prefecture.

Ms. Shinsuke Terauchi, a core member and a third-year student, said, "I felt that there were still many dialects I didn't know while making them. I hope that the goodness of Gunma and the dialects of Gunma will be conveyed to many people through karuta." I was there.