Zara and New York City Ballet

and you will have the umpteenth whim of fashion.

But one that is justified, if the


is your reason for being and

the delicate strength and preciousness of the dance

are capable of moving you.

Because those are some of the coordinates of

the new collection that Zara has launched together with New York City Ballet,

the company of one of the best-known cities in the world.

the contemporary artist

Vanessa Beecroft

(Genoa, 1969) has been

the creative director of this small capsule

that sums up very well both her areas of talent (photography, video, sculpture, painting) as well as the movement and depth of the dance that is condensed in the ballet of New York.

The name, how could it be otherwise, is that of the New York City Ballet Collection, and it is

"based on ethereal forms made of tulle and silks and dreamy silhouettes, all dyed in pastel colors and darker palettes"

, as Zara has told on her Instagram account.

Courtesy of Zara

The images in which the collection can be seen are a series of photographs and Polaroids in which different dancers execute dance steps with all the dresses, bodies and other pieces proposed by Zara, in a

balance between the subtle and the evident

that makes the result is hypnotic.

Just like the collection.

Courtesy of Zara

The good thing, if brief, twice as good, would be the saying to apply to this collection in which there is not a large number of references: there are those that have to be.


four short dresses can be found, two of them completely made of tulle;

two sweaters, a jumpsuit, leggings, a set of shorts and a cropped top;

a cardigan and a tulle bodice


All this, with a set of materials and textures that contrast enormously, echoing one of the great trends of last year.

Courtesy of Zara

At a time when the situation is unstable, the search for well-being has become imperative in all areas, including clothing.

Hence, the fabrics and fabrics had (and have) a capital importance, something that is understood from a practical point of view (they must be comfortable, soft and surrender to the functionality of the piece) but also visual: they have to be comfortable and perceived as comfortable, as appetizing.

And that is just what is achieved with the mixture of wool, tulle and silk.

The collection of the New York ballet and Zara is finished off with

two pairs of ballerinas

inspired by the pointe shoes that professionals use to work, something that also happens with several garments in the capsule.

One that, why lie, points to 'sold out' very, very quickly.

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