In response to a series of incidents using blades on the train, such as passengers being cut off on the Keio Line, a response training was held in Yokohama after the last train.

The training was held at the platform of Motomachi-Chukagai Station on the Minatomirai Line from 2:00 am after the last train, and 57 people including police officers and employees of railway companies participated.

On the train arriving at the platform, assuming that a man was swinging a knife and attacking the passengers, when the door opened, the station staff guided the passengers while calling out "Please escape here".

After that, a police officer who rushed to the home used a shield to secure the role of the criminal and rescue the injured.

Masaru Uehara, chief of the Kagacho Police Station, said, "I don't know when such an incident will occur. I would like to work closely with related organizations on a daily basis and look back on the issues that I saw during the training." rice field.