China News Service, January 21. According to the website of the Commissioner's Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong, in response to the passing of the so-called Hong Kong-related resolution by the European Parliament, it opened its eyes and spoke nonsense, attacked and smeared Hong Kong's democracy and freedom as being damaged, and clamored for the central government and Hong Kong SAR officials. The spokesperson of the Commissioner's Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong expressed strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to the sanctions and boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  The spokesperson pointed out that the central government has reviewed the situation and, in response to the chaotic crisis that has occurred in Hong Kong in recent years, introduced the Hong Kong National Security Law, improved the SAR election system, firmly implemented the principle of "patriots ruling Hong Kong", and promoted the situation in Hong Kong to change from chaos to governance, from governance to governance. A major turning point in the prosperity of Hong Kong has brought Hong Kong's democratic development back on track.

The great situation of good governance and good governance in the special zone and Haiyan Heqing has been formed!

  The spokesman said that under the British colonial rule, Hong Kong has no democracy at all, and the Chinese government is the designer, founder, promoter and defender of Hong Kong's democratic system.

In disregard of history and reality, the European Parliament has repeatedly smeared Hong Kong and attacked China with the so-called "democracy and freedom" in order to "brush the sense of existence", which is unreasonable and shameless!

Under the false pretense of "standing with Hong Kong", they are in fact uneasy and well-intentioned by the "weasel's New Year's greetings". A daydream of a domineering foreign country and an anti-China bridgehead.

Such self-deceiving political farce and sinister intentions are doomed to fail!

  The spokesperson pointed out that the European Parliament has followed the steps to engage in the so-called "export of democracy", and is willing to be an accomplice in causing regional chaos and poisoning innocent people.

Now it is blatantly violating international law and the basic norms of international relations, putting on the face of a "democracy preacher", and wanton meddling in Hong Kong affairs and China's internal affairs. How absurd!

  The spokesperson stressed that the Chinese people do not believe in evil and are not afraid of evil.

Some unscrupulous politicians have repeatedly resorted to despicable tactics such as sanctions and boycotting the Winter Olympics, and engaged in political bullying, which just exposes their arrogance and hysteria. They will surely meet in front of the Great Wall of Steel built by the 1.4 billion Chinese people, including Hong Kong compatriots. Bleeding!

  The spokesman reiterated that Hong Kong is China's Hong Kong and will never allow any external forces to interfere.

No senseless noise can shake China's firm determination to maintain Hong Kong's prosperity and stability and promote the steady and long-term implementation of "one country, two systems".

We urge some politicians in the European Parliament to recognize the general trend, correct their positions, change course, keep silent, immediately stop the anti-China political hysteria that disrupts Hong Kong, immediately stop bullying that threatens sanctions, and immediately stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and China in any form. internal affairs!