Smokers are more likely to contract the severe form of “Covid-19”

Experts from the Japanese National Center for International Health Research announced that smokers are more likely to contract the severe form of "Covid-19".

The center's experts note that the risk of people who smoke for a long time contracting the acute course of "Covid-19" disease doubles compared to those who do not smoke.

Also, this possibility is higher in women.

According to the Japanese channel NHK, according to the Russia Today website.

Experts conducted this study based on data on the health status of 17.6 thousand people between the ages of 20 and 80, who were treated in hospitals until February 2021.

And it became clear to the researchers, that the risk of infection with the acute course of “Covid-19” disease and the need to ventilate the lungs mechanically, was 1.51 times higher in smoking men and 1.94 times in women.

Experts point out that these results clearly confirm that smokers always suffer from chronic diseases and problems in the lungs and heart, which makes them less resistant to the virus.

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