China News Service, January 21. According to the official WeChat account of the Propaganda Department of the Donggang District Committee of Rizhao City, Shandong Province on the 21st, at 16:00 on January 18, the Donggang Branch of the Rizhao City Public Security Bureau received a report from the public that a doctor suspected of broadcasting a gynecological surgery clip online. .

The public security organs immediately carried out investigation and verification.

After verification, Li Moumou, the doctor involved in Rizhao Central Hospital, has been criminally detained, submitted for approval, and the practicing doctor's qualification certificate has been cancelled and expelled in accordance with laws and regulations.

  The Disciplinary and Supervision Committee of Donggang District, Rizhao City set up an investigation team at 22:00 on the 18th and entered the central hospital to conduct an investigation.

The Rizhao Donggang District Government, the Rizhao Donggang District Health and Health Bureau, and the 11 relevant personnel with leadership and direct management responsibilities have been seriously investigated and held accountable, and those with direct management and important leadership responsibilities have been removed from office. .

  Li Moumou lost his professional ethics, broke through the bottom line of medical ethics, and behaved very badly.

Rizhao Donggang District has comprehensively carried out special investigation and rectification, in-depth search for problems existing in the management of medical institutions, medical ethics and medical style, and strengthened legal education and discipline education for all medical staff, with a zero-tolerance attitude and the most powerful measures to comprehensively rectify medical ethics and medicine. Wind, and resolutely put an end to similar problems from happening again.

Screenshot of the official WeChat of the Propaganda Department of the Donggang District Committee of Rizhao City, Shandong Province