Nie Dequan: 2,000 civil servants in Hong Kong have not been vaccinated against the new crown, and if they are not vaccinated, they will be banned from work

  [Global Network Comprehensive Reporter Zhao Youping] Hong Kong's "Sing Tao Network" reported that Hong Kong civil servants will be required to receive at least one dose of the new crown vaccine from next month 16 before they are allowed to enter government buildings and workplaces.

The Secretary of the Civil Service Bureau, Nie Dequan, who is responsible for coordinating the vaccination program, said on the morning of the 21st that about 2,000 civil servants have not yet been vaccinated. If they have not been vaccinated by then, they will not be able to enter the office and will be considered absent from work. Disciplinary procedures, the most serious can be dismissed.

  According to Hong Kong's "Sing" report, Nie Dequan said that the arrangement of the "vaccine bubble" of civil servants is to ensure the safety of employees and citizens to maintain the provision of public services. The relevant policy was announced in mid-December last year, and it is believed that there will be enough time for employees to be vaccinated. vaccine.

  Nie Dequan said that at present, 98% of civil servants have received at least one dose of the vaccine, about 1% have not been vaccinated due to medical reasons, and the remaining 2,000 people have not been vaccinated.

He also said that he understands that pregnant women have doubts about vaccination and will deal with them accordingly.