• "20 Minutes" is organizing the third edition of the "Prix 20 Minutes du roman" on the theme "conquest", the winner of which will be published at the end of the year.

  • Registration was due to end on January 31, but an additional two weeks, until February 14, is granted to submit your manuscript.

  • The novelist Maxime Chattam, godfather and president of the jury, explains how to finish writing his book.

Who will succeed Estelle Tolliac and Giselda Gargano, winners of the previous

20 Minutes

of the Novel Awards?

Maybe you, if you manage to send us your manuscript in time.

The good news, if you're late, is that the original deadline is extended to February 14.

Valentine's Day to finalize his novel on the theme of conquest, that's just the right time!

A few tips for a great finish

Before releasing your manuscript, the writer Maxime Chattam gives you some advice on video to finish on a high note.

"During the writing, be totally selfish, savor the pleasure of writing, because what is expected of you is to feel the pleasure you may have had in writing, advises the sponsor and president of the jury of the Price

20 Minutes

of the novel… During the proofreading, on the other hand, think of the other.

Invent, if necessary, a typical reader different from you, put yourself in his shoes and see how he interprets what he reads and reacts to what you have written... That's how you will end up finding a happy medium between what you liked about writing your novel and what will please those who will read it.

“Maxime Chattam admitted to

20 Minutes

that this is exactly how he worked for his own novels… To sum up:

  • Trust yourself, you'll be really done when you're satisfied

  • Cut as needed, but don't remove anything that would lose your plot thread

  • Put yourself in the shoes of someone other than yourself when you meet again

  • You have until February 14 (at 11:59 p.m.) to register your manuscript on the dedicated platform of our partners, the New Authors.

    A first selection will be made at the beginning of May by this group of readers and by our partner Prisma media.

    Register your manuscript here

    The jury for the "

    20 Minutes

    of the Novel Prize", chaired by Maxime Chattam and which includes journalists from the editorial staff and readers of the " 

    20 Minutes

    books" platform, will take over this summer in order to determine, during a deliberation at the start of the school year, the winner of the prize whose novel will be put on sale before the end of the year.


    “20 Minutes” prize for the novel: “I had a blast with your book”, confides Maxime Chattam to the winner Estelle Tolliac


    "The Ultimate Frontier": "It's a deeply human book from which we sometimes come out upset", confides Maxime Chattam to the winner Giselda Gargano

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