As a result of another investigation by Japan Post, 104 postmasters are improperly using customer information due to the problem that some postmasters used customer's personal information to request support from parliamentarians. I found out.

At Japan Post, when we were investigating the problem that the calendar purchased at the expense was used for political activities, some directors answered in a questionnaire that the personal information of customers obtained in business was also used for political activities. , I was investigating in detail.

As a result, the personal information of customers obtained by 104 postmasters through window operations such as savings and Yu-Pack can be posted on the list of supporters of parliamentarians supported by the voluntary organization "National Postmasters Association" without permission. I found out that I used it for activities by visiting.

Improperly used personal information amounted to 1318 people, and Japan Post will apologize in writing to the customer whose contact information has been identified, and will dispose of the director who was involved by the end of this month.

In addition, it is said that the recurrence prevention measures such as training for officers and employees of the headquarters were summarized and reported to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on the 21st.

Hideo Murata, General Manager of the Japan Post Public Relations Office, who met online, apologized, "We are very sorry and deeply apologize for the improper handling of customer information."