• About 300 breeders demonstrated Thursday in front of the prefecture of Saint-Brieuc.

  • Faced with soaring commodity prices, they are urgently calling for state aid.

  • Other events are planned in the coming weeks.

“Macron, if you like pork, take out your money!


The message of this banner displayed on the front of a tractor is clear.

Thursday afternoon, around 300 farmers, who came with around fifty tractors and trucks, demonstrated in front of the prefecture in Saint-Brieuc to demand “emergency” financial aid from the State in the face of soaring commodity prices. raw.

"We have come to express the dismay of the Breton animal sector today" because "our costs have increased enormously" and not the selling prices, declared Philippe Cherdel, secretary general of the FDSEA of Côtes d'Armor.

In Saint-Brieuc, breeders want to "show their distress".

A crisis meeting on pork is taking place this late afternoon in the prefecture.

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“We need concrete commitments because it can't go on any longer, emergency aid because the crisis is unbearable.

This system where we align ourselves with the lowest prices is no longer tenable,” continued the union official.

"Today, the adjustment variable is the producer," he added.

It is not possible.

We don't sell at cost, we sell at a loss and that's unacceptable.

Losses of 20,000 euros per month for a pig farmer

"We are facing a surge in the price of raw materials" used to make cattle feed, explained Jérémy Labbé, president of the Young Farmers (JA) of the department.

“The ton was at 250 euros at the beginning of 2020. There, we have reached 320 euros and we are told that it should increase by another 20 euros in the coming weeks”, he said.

But the price at which farmers sell their produce has not increased.

With regard to pork, "to be good, the purchase price is 50 cents short of the basic price", negotiated twice a week with the slaughterhouses on the clock market.

This price was this Thursday at 1.248 euro per kilo of pork.

Himself a pig producer, like most of the demonstrators on Thursday, he estimates that a breeder at the head of an average farm of 250 sows loses around “20,000 euros per month”.

Several actions have already taken place in recent weeks in Finistère and Côtes d'Armor, the two main breeding departments in France.

Other events are planned in the coming weeks, particularly in view of the annual trade negotiations in February between manufacturers and distributors.


“We have never experienced such losses”… Pork producers are calling for aid


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