You've been struggling with the cold all week.

It was also cold today (the 21st) with a morning temperature of minus 8.7 degrees in Seoul.

From now on, as the cold subsides, the daytime temperature in Seoul will be 4 degrees and 3 degrees higher than yesterday, and mild winter weather is expected for the time being, exceeding the average level.

As the atmosphere stagnates, dust is gradually accumulating.

Currently, the concentration of ultrafine dust is poor in the midwest, Jeonbuk, Gwangju and Daegu except Seoul.

If it is not dust, the expression of the sky will be clear, and dryness continues in some inland areas of Yeongnam and Jeollanam-do.

Except for northern Gyeonggi, Gangwon inland, and mountainous areas, all cold wave warnings have been disbanded.

Daytime temperatures will rise to 7 degrees in Daejeon and 10 degrees in Busan.

You must take good care of your health.

On Sunday, there is snow and rain in Yeongdong, Namhae, and Jeju.

(Meteorological Caster Ahn Su-jin)