A 25-year-old police officer from the Metropolitan Police Department was arrested for voyeurizing a female colleague on her smartphone after breaking into the women's toilet at the police station multiple times.

The person arrested was Munefumi Harada, a 25-year-old police officer who belongs to the regional section of the Takao Police Department of the Metropolitan Police Department.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, there are suspicions of violating the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's nuisance prevention regulations, alleging that they invaded the women's toilet at the Takao police station multiple times from November to December last year and took a voyeur of a female colleague with a smartphone.

When the officer who suffered damage in December last year entered the private room toilet, there was a smartphone when he looked up because there was a noise on his head, and as a result of an investigation after consulting with the officer, Constable Harada was involved. It turned out to be suspicious.

It is said that he admits to the investigation that "there is no doubt that he took a voyeur".

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details of the fact that images and videos of about five female officers were stored on the police officer's smartphone.

The Metropolitan Police Department commented that the police officer was arrested, "I am extremely regrettable. I would like to carry out a thorough investigation in the future and take strict measures based on the facts that have become clear."