Takashi Tachibana, the leader of the party lawyer law in violation of Article 72 of the Party Law against NHK, threatened to illegally obtain the information of the receiving contractor and spread it on the Internet, and said that it interfered with NHK's business. In a trial charged with obstruction, the Tokyo District Court pointed out that "it must be said that it was beyond the permissible range of political activities," and was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison and a suspended sentence of 4 years. I handed down the judgment.

Takashi Tachibana (54), the leader of the NHK party and a former member of the House of Councilors, illegally obtained the information of the receiving contractor from a former employee of the contracting and storing business of the receiving fee in Tokyo three years ago. He was accused of obstructing NHK's business by threatening to spread it on the Internet.

At the trial, the leader of the party, Tachibana, pleaded not guilty, saying, "It is a political activity, and it is not illegal for legitimate business activities."

In the ruling on the 20th, Judge Tsuneji Saeki of the Tokyo District Court said, "We obtained information that is NHK's trade secret in the form of a video shoot, and used that information like a hostage to make various requests and made various requests. It interfered with the business. "

On top of that, he said, "There is also the risk of leaking the personal information of the subscriber who has no fault, so I have to say that it is beyond the permissible range as a political activity." I handed over four years.

Takashi Tachibana, the leader of the party, said at a press conference after the ruling, "I have not reflected at all because it is a crime committed not by self-interest but by political thought. I will appeal because I want the court to clearly explain the reason for the suspended sentence." rice field.

On the other hand, NHK commented, "We will accept the content of the judgment and will continue to resolutely respond to acts that interfere with our business. We will continue to thoroughly manage personal information."