, Beijing, January 20 (Reporter Ying Ni) The voice of strays revolves around Kunshan, and a dream reincarnates for 600 years - Kunqu Opera "Master of Hundred Operas" originated in Kunshan, Jiangsu; "The rise and fall of the world is the responsibility of every man. "- Gu Yanwu, a great scholar, was born in Kunshan, Jiangsu.

  On the evening of the 19th, invited by the "Meet in Beijing" Olympic Cultural Festival and the 22nd "Meet in Beijing" International Art Festival, as one of the excellent performances of the "Meet in Beijing Meet Jiangnan" Suzhou Culture and Art Exhibition Week, the original Kun Opera "Gu Yanwu" " was staged at the Tianqiao Theater in Beijing.

Original Kunqu Opera "Gu Yanwu" stills Photo courtesy of China International Culture Group Co., Ltd.

  The play tells about the 21st year of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1682), Gu Yanwu, who lived in Shanxi as a guest, returned to his hometown, but he fell off his horse due to his old age and frailty when he set off. The mother-in-law, who died on hunger strike, swore an oath of "not being an official official." He insisted on being a remnant of the Ming Dynasty, but sent his only disciple to the examination room of the "knowledgeable and Confucianism" in the Qing Dynasty; until the last moment of his life, Gu Yanwu interprets life to the young Kangxi and asks: "What is the subjugation of the country, what is the subjugation of the world?"

  The great Confucianist Gu Yanwu's patriotism and the enduring charm of the world-class intangible cultural heritage Kunqu Opera are two cultural "golden cards" of Kunshan.

  The lineup of the play that appeared in Beijing this time, the Kunshan "Plum Blossom" award winner and national first-class actor Ke Jun will play Gu Yanwu, showing the character's loyalty and integrity in the game without sword light and blood.

He said: "It is a blessing for me as a contemporary Kunqu opera person to have the opportunity to meet Gu Yanwu, a Kunshan native more than 300 years ago, because he is not only a cultural symbol of Kunshan, but also a microcosm of Chinese literati's family and country feelings. I hope " "Gu Yanwu" can become a classic and will be played forever!"

  At the same time, national first-class actors Zhang Dahuan, Gong Yinlei, and Qian Zhenrong joined the stage with Cao Zhiwei, Huang Zhuyu and other outstanding young actors, teachers and students of Kunshan Contemporary Kunqu Opera House, and led contemporary audiences to find "everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the world" in a literary and artistic way. resonance.

Original Kunqu Opera "Gu Yanwu" stills Photo courtesy of China International Culture Group Co., Ltd.

  The original Kunqu Opera "Gu Yanwu" was jointly produced by Jiangsu Performing Arts Group and Kunshan Contemporary Kunqu Opera Theatre. It will perform in important festivals such as the grand ceremony and the 2nd Jiangsu Development Conference, and carry out national tours and cultural exchanges.

  "Meet in Beijing" Olympic Cultural Festival and the 22nd "Meet in Beijing" International Art Festival is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China, the State Administration of Radio and Television, the Beijing Municipal People's Government, and the Organizing Committee of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Hosted by China International Culture Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism.

Focusing on the Beijing Winter Olympics, the festival has five sections: performing arts, visual arts, film screenings, urban events and celebrations. In the form of "online + offline", it presents hundreds of performances from 22 countries and regions to the audience. Activities, as well as art forums and performance promotions, present Beijing's unique cultural charm as the world's first "Double Olympic City".