Singer Daniel Kang, who took on his first acting challenge in the drama 'You and My Police Class', predicted a perfect chemistry with actor Chae Soo-bin.

Disney+ (Disney Plus)'s original series 'You and My Police Class' is a drama that tells the story of a 20-year-old who shines more than anyone else and dreams of police officers who will turn the police academy upside down.

In the drama, Kang Daniel takes on the role of Wi Seung-hyeon, an elite who entered the police academy, and Chae Soo-bin takes on the role of Go Eun-kang, who managed to pass the police academy after failing.

Today (20th), Disney+ released a still cut that is expected of Wi Seung-hyun and Ko Eun-kang's 'Angsuk Chemie'.

In the photo, Wi Seung-hyeon was grabbed by the neck for some reason and was pointing at someone with an unfair look, and at the end of that gaze, a bewildered Go Eun-kang was standing.

In the drama, Seung-hyeon Wi and Eun-kang Ko plan to unravel a colorful period of youth growth, from friendships who support each other in an antagonizing relationship, and a fresh romance that permeates each other without knowing it.

Regarding this, Kang Daniel said, "Chae Soo-bin's infinite consideration was the driving force of the chemistry. He received and guided a lot in all areas." He said, "It was my first time acting, so there were many shortcomings, but it was fortunate that we worked together. Thank you. I want to convey the words," he said, expressing his gratitude to Chae Soo-bin, who acted with him.

Chae Soo-bin also raised expectations for the drama by revealing, "Kang Daniel is always a lively and energetic actor. On the day we filmed together, we were able to enjoy filming from start to finish."

On the previously released SNS release video of Kang Daniel and Chae Soo-bin, netizens cheered on their chemistry, leaving various comments such as "Like two puppies", "Like a real large dog and a small dog", and "They get along so well".

The published pictorial photos of Kang Daniel and Chae Soo-bin also caught the attention of netizens with their unique facial expressions.

Earlier, the production team of 'You and My Police Class' also said, "Kang Daniel is very serious and passionate about acting. It will be an opportunity to discover Kang Daniel's new charm. Please look forward to the dazzling harmony of youth at Disney+ on the 26th.”

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