In his record 17 previous crimes .. shocking confessions of the killer of Rawan Al-Husseini and how he strangled her with her head covering

The Egyptian security services revealed new details and gruesome confessions of the killer of the world speedball champion Rawan Mohamed Al-Husseini, whose body was found on the roof of a building on El-Gish Street in Disouq, Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, after the accused was arrested by 4 surveillance cameras that monitored him.

The accused said that he tried to rob the victim under duress, and when she resisted him, he removed her "head covering" and strangled her and smashed her head against the wall more than once. The next day, he told her mother by phone where the body was located on top of the roofs.

The investigations indicated that the accused of killing Rawan Al-Husseini, the world champion of speedball, is wanted in 17 cases, and that he committed the crime with the intent to rob the victim under duress. The perpetrator, who answered the call of the victim's mother and told her where the body was found on the highest rooftops.

According to "Al-Masry Al-Youm" newspaper.

And within 24 hours, the security services were able to identify the accused of killing the victim, and it was found that the accused took advantage of the darkness at the entrance to the residential building and surprised the victim, carried her and climbed to the roof of the building and then strangled her, then strangled her again with a scarf, then stole her throat and mobile phone and left the scene of the incident.

Upon identification, it was revealed that his name was E.

M» is a dangerous registered, residing in the city of Desouk, and was accused in 17 previous cases, including drug trafficking, theft and bullying.

Rawan Al-Husseini's family said that they had received an anonymous phone call from their daughter's mobile phone, stating that her body was on the roof of that building in Disouq, and that the police immediately arrived at the place where the dead woman was found, removed the fingerprints, and examined the body.

Rawan Al-Husseini's funeral took place, on Tuesday, from the Sidi Ibrahim Al-Desouki Mosque in the city of Desouq, and thousands of worshipers participated in it, amid a state of great anger and sadness over the killing of the girl, and calls for the necessity of fair retribution from the perpetrators of the crime.

Rawan El-Husseini was studying in the third year at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Kafr El-Sheikh University. In addition to her scientific excellence, she was also one of the Egyptian and world champions in the game of speedball. The Egyptian Ministry of Youth honored her in 2016 after winning the first place in the world championship that was held in Poland.

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