Collecting childhood memories of generations, has "Our Winter Olympics" moved your DNA?

  As the Beijing Winter Olympics is approaching, the first mascot animation film in the Olympic history, "Our Winter Olympics", is also highly anticipated. The film will be released on February 19. The film tells the story of many Chinese animation characters and the auspiciousness of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The character "Bing Dun Dun" and the Winter Paralympic mascot "Xue Rong Rong" are the stories of unity, dreams, courage and hard work unfolding around the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Village.

  Dozens of Chinese classic animation characters such as Monkey King, Snow Boy, Nezha, etc. joined hands with Bing Dun Dun and Xue Rong Rong. This unprecedented cross-dimensional gathering has made netizens of all ages express that their childhood DNA has moved again!

How do classic characters from different worldviews merge?

How is the art style unified?

Su Da, director of Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio, and Qu Qiang, the director of the chapter, who produced the story of the "Fat Great Sage Borrowing Ice Tools", revealed the secret to Ziniu News reporters of the Yangtze Evening News.

The classic characters of Chinese animation are collected in one sweep, and the four chapters reflect the spirit of the Olympic Games

  The animated film "Our Winter Olympics" is officially licensed and produced by the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee. The four chapters are created by four teams, and the four directors are Lin Yongchang, Li Haoling, Zhuang Hao, and Qu Qiang.

  The story of "Our Winter Olympics" mainly revolves around the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Village. "September" took Bingdundun to visit the capital and gained a rare holiday; the fat sage borrowed "ice equipment" and Tutu to reach a settlement during ski training; With the help of dolls, the little otaku bravely faces the challenge of skating; the little bald head helps everyone escape from the blizzard... All the stories together reflect the Olympic spirit.

There will be skiing, curling, ice hockey and many other Winter Olympic sports in the movie.

  The classic characters in the film include Monkey King Monkey King in "Havoc in Heaven", Hu Tutu in "Big Ears Tutu", Xiaobalouqiang and Xiong Daxiong in "Bears Paradise", and in "Inhumans". The popular image of the youth trend in September Aolie, the little tiger girl in the puppet animation, the old birthday star, as well as the gourd baby, the snow boy, the black cat sheriff, the egg student, etc., there are not only popular animation stars, but also popular images of youth trends, as well as Shanghai A collection of classic characters from the fine art film studio that will set off childhood memories for generations.

  It is understood that the production form of "Our Winter Olympics" incorporates CG animation, traditional puppet stop-motion animation and other forms of expression, and the Chinese-style music with a strong sense of rhythm also hits people's hearts.

  It is worth mentioning that before this, there has never been an animated mascot movie in the history of the Olympic Games. This is also the first big screen tour of the Winter Olympics mascots "Bing Dun Dun" and "Xue Rong Rong".

Such a crossover has achieved rare integration and innovation, and has also created another milestone in the history of Chinese animation.

 "Children, practice!" Sun Dasheng was actually "fat as two people"

  Recently, Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio took the lead with the chapter "Fat Dasheng Borrowing Ice Tools" and presented the first wave of heat value.

  In this chapter, Monkey King, the great sage Monkey King, led the classic animation characters of Shangmeiying, such as Huluwa, Nezha, Sheriff Black Cat, Snow Boy, etc., and went to the "Ice and Snow Conference" in Tiangong together with Bing Dundun and Xue Rongrong.

In the preview, as the little monkeys slowly opened the water curtain cave, everyone returned to the familiar Huaguo Mountain.

Taibaijinxing, along with Bingdundun and Xuerongrong, invited Dasheng to participate in the "Ice and Snow Conference" in Tiangong.

On the way to Beihai to borrow an "ice tool", Dasheng met Tutu, the number one fan, and the naughty big-eared Tutu accidentally became Dasheng's new apprentice.

The two went to Beihai to borrow an "ice tool", and Xiaotutu also started a hard road of training...

  "Kids, practice!" With the sound of the familiar bgm, netizens left messages, "The DNA of childhood has moved again!" "You can always trust Shangmeiying." The expectation of the film was quickly raised to a new high.

The most interesting thing is that in this chapter, Sun Dasheng, who has not seen him for many years, is also "fat as two people", which is particularly eye-catching.

Some netizens even joked that it was estimated that the great sage had no pressure when he returned from studying scriptures, so he gained weight.

  Many viewers said that they thought that "Havoc in Heaven" was born and became one of the most classic representatives in the history of Chinese animation. The classic image of Sun Dasheng in the film satisfied the audience's imagination of Sun Wukong and gained the love of audiences of all ages. , "But I didn't expect Sun Dasheng and Hu Tutu to be able to link together in a dream."

Big Ears Tutu is a childhood memory of many post-90s. It has been broadcast on CCTV Children's Channel since 2004. The happy image of "Happy Children" accompanies the growth of post-90s and post-00s. It is a representative work of domestic animation that combines education and entertainment.

  This time, Sun Dasheng and Hu Tutu's broken-dimensional linkage is a bold new attempt by Xia Shangmei Film Studio in "Our Winter Olympics" in the new era. I believe that "big hero" and "little confused" will definitely collide a lot. spark.

 【The main creator reveals the secret】

Different IPs correspond to different ice and snow sports, and even snowflakes have traditional Chinese decorations

  In the whole history of Chinese animation, the Shanghai Art Film Studio undoubtedly occupied an important place for a long time.

As the animation company with the longest history and the largest film library in China, it has continuously delivered batches of high-quality classic animation masterpieces to Chinese audiences, enriching the childhood memories of generations.

Some people say that "a Shanghai Film Studio is equal to half the history of Chinese animation", and some people say that "the Shanghai Film Studio is a god-like existence of Chinese animation". In the past half century, it has shown us the national and artistic how to get out of Asia and into the world.

  At present, the only exposed chapter of "Fat Dasheng Borrowing Ice Tools" has caused a lot of discussions on the Internet. Many netizens said that just seeing these classic characters assembled, their tears will flow, and they are still interacting together. There is a story, and it is combined with the Winter Olympics sports events that are about to be discussed by the whole people. It is really full of expectations and waiting for the release.

In addition, after the notice came out, many netizens also raised questions about combining IPs from different stories. Sun Wukong, Tutu, Sheriff Black Cat, and Huluwa have different world views and art styles. How to achieve natural fused?

  Regarding these issues, Suda, director of Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio, and Qu Qiang, director of the chapter of "Fat Sage Borrowing Ice Tools", also made some revelations in interviews with reporters from the Yangtze Evening News Ziniu News.

  Suda told reporters that it is particularly meaningful for animation filmmakers to use animation films and classic animation IP to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics, "We use different IP images to correspond to different ice and snow sports, such as snow The children are alpine skiing, Huluwa is teaming up to play ice hockey, and Ao Bing and Nezha are pair skating."

  "When I was young, Sun Wukong was my hero. A few years later, I was able to use "Our Winter Olympics" to pay tribute to my predecessors, which is very lucky for an animation director." Director Qu Qiang told reporters some production difficulties and details. Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio has many IP images. In terms of IP selection, Sun Wukong is the leading actor, because "Havoc in Heaven" is very classic, whether it is aesthetically high or not. In the form of performance, it is all a great work, so Sun Wukong is definitely the protagonist of this chapter.

Secondly, the art styles of the selected IP characters are indeed mostly different. For example, the gourd doll is a series of paper-cut films, so it is necessary to achieve a unified effect in art style first. "In previous works, IP images were mostly flat. , This time through new designs, including shadow settings, character outline adjustment, presentation of different rays, etc., each character has a better three-dimensional effect, which is refreshing. ”

  In addition, Qu Qiang also revealed that the skiing clips of each character in the film have also been carefully designed, "We used some combination of three-dimensional and two-dimensional to make them more visual impact during the movement. Even in the snowflakes There are also some careful thoughts in the design. There are larger snowflakes in the film. This snowflake is very different. It has the effect of traditional Chinese decoration visually. Therefore, we have many similar small highlights in this chapter. When you watch it, you can feel our intentions.”

  Su Da also revealed that the length of the chapter "Fat Great Sage Borrowing an Ice Tool" is 20 minutes, but the production time given is only a few months. The real time is tight and the task is heavy, but the film went smoothly and the effect exceeded expectations.

All departments from the top and bottom of the factory have invested in, linked together, and worked overtime every day. Although it was very hard work, everyone enjoyed the joy of creating and making progress together. This creative process actually reflects the spirit of unity and hard work in the Winter Olympics.

  Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Kong Xiaoping