• DIET Why do we stuff ourselves with sweets when we are sad?

He is a mathematician.

Every time we are sad, anxious or even have had little sleep, we jump headlong into pasta, sweets and all those

foods that are supposed to make us feel better.

However, this immediate reward that our taste buds give us is a double-edged sword since the joy will not only be fleeting but, in the long run, it can even be counterproductive.

Then what do we do? Nela Berlanga, a pharmacist and nutrition specialist, and Pilar Román, a nutritionist from the Kilosout team, suggest that we consume

"foods that contain nutrients and other substances that help produce dopamine and serotonin, precursors to happiness."

Although there is no anti-stress diet as such, these specialists clarify, it does help and a lot of eating in a balanced way: "The body and mind are in order when we eat sensibly and naturally, preventing


from affecting your stomach, your nervous system and your defenses. Your emotional and physical stability is directly related to how you nourish yourself. More than eating certain foods, the best strategy against stress would be

eat well and in a balanced and healthy way

. Abusing fats, sugars and salt causes our body to become unbalanced"

Berlanga and Román recommend "enhancing all foods rich in


. The

A, the C and the E

help us to avoid the formation of free radicals. C is present in


fruits and also in broccoli, peppers, melons and tomatoes. The


is obtained from carrots, melon, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and spinach. To get vitamin E you have to consume nuts and vegetable oils. Those of group

B are also important

they already strengthen the central nervous system and have a relaxing effect.

They are found in brewer's yeast, dairy products, meat, cereals, avocado, cabbage and green beans."

They also remind us that "intake of minerals, such as potassium, magnesium or calcium, help us keep anxiety at bay ".

Natural tranquilizer, "the


that a glass of warm milk gives us before going to bed can be very useful to help us fall asleep".

Magnesium is


in vegetables (better if we take them raw).

"Nuts, cereals and seeds also contain it, but you have to eat them whole because magnesium is destroyed in the crushing process.

Stimulating the proper functioning of nerve cells and rich in tryptophan, "


raise our levels of


, the hormone of good vibes."

These experts also warn us of the consequences of anxiety dominating us when sitting down at the table.

"When we are nervous or stressed, we can eat without thinking and in an uncontrolled way, letting ourselves be carried away by

emotional hunger

. These negative emotions push us to establish dangerous relationships with food. Abuse of foods rich in sugar, which cause a fast and a false well-being followed by a sudden decay, makes us fall into a spiral of continuous pecking".

To avoid this, they propose:

Eat on time and with time


"Being aware of the act of eating and letting the body and mind know that we stop the necessary time and at the necessary time to nourish our body throughout the day and give the best at each moment."

Monitor our vitamins and minerals



Any hypocaloric diet below 1,500Kcal should be supplemented with vitamins and minerals, according to the World Health Organization".

Consume healthy foods that mitigate sadness

: "E l


It contains substances with a calming effect, in addition to the pleasure that its flavor produces.

But not everything goes.

You have to take it without sugar, without milk and knowing how to control the amount.

If you don't see yourself capable, better not even try it.

Nor should fruits and vegetables (vitamins and minerals) be missing from your pantry;

dairy, lean meats (vitamin B3) and fish (omega 3) and whole grains (fiber is necessary for the proper functioning of your body and, above all, to protect your stomach, one of the main affected by stress ".

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